You may be an expert at illustration, designing jewelry, or crafting microbrews, but that doesn’t mean you instinctually know how to run your creative business. Whether it’s marketing or finance or adding a new product to your catalog, there are special skills involved in every aspect of your day to day work. Not everyone has the time or the resources for a business degree, either. Why not attack those missing links one at a time?

Our affordable professional development workshops bring experienced instructors and successful makers to the table for an intimate, hands-on learning environment.

Who needs an MBA?

When it comes to making the right business connections from retailers to business services, we all know that cold calling or looking up names in the phone book are the last things you should do.

Attend one of our structured networking events and spend a single evening in an environment that puts you just outside of your comfort zone (along with everyone else) and right in front of potential contacts in rapid-fire succession.

It’s like business speed-dating.

The creative industries are always changing, and no one likes to be left behind the current trends, topics, or events. How are recent changes in health care legislation affecting the self-employed and their insurance options? How much of your work should you give away for free online?

Come to our community discussions to meet new people and contribute your own insights and experience in a casual but edifying environment.

If only town halls were this much fun!

Nations can be expansive, so don’t worry if you aren’t anywhere near our in-person programs. We’ll be recording as many as possible and archiving them right here on our website for members to access any time they like. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be gathering, curating, and originating additional articles, multimedia, and resources for creative entrepreneurs just like you.

Our online access will serve as a digital commons for discussion and learning opportunities across all fields, topics, and levels of expertise, no matter where you are in the world.

Pajamas notwithstanding.


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